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EAE Covid-19 advice

To all EAE members,
The whole world is struggeling with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Everyone in our profession is working extra hard.
Because we are an European association we hear from all our members how their country is coping and how they try to continue to give the highest standard of embalming care. We are very proud to have all these hard working embalmers in our midst!
The EAE would like to advice the members to keep working safely eventhough the pressure is high.
Do not compromise your own health and safety.

EAE Fall meeting 2019

After a very busy but successful meeting in Geneva, this is the group before going out to dinner in Geneva, Switzerland.
At this meeting we discussed education, standards of embalming, and the new letterhead. We were very happy to have 6 new faces join us for their first EAE meeting.

Succesful meeting in Segovia, Spain

We had a wonderful meeting in Segovia, Spain the weekend of 13th of October 2018.
We are thankful for the excellent organisation by Angel, and Jordi for being Chairman. (in the photo left Jordi and right Angel).
After the meeting we had a guided tour around the main sites of this historic city, and the guide was giving us extra information about funeral rites and customs of the area and from the past.
Muchas Gracias!