EAE Covid-19 advice

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To all EAE members,
The whole world is struggeling with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Everyone in our profession is working extra hard.
Because we are an European association we hear from all our members how their country is coping and how they try to continue to give the highest standard of embalming care. We are very proud to have all these hard working embalmers in our midst!
The EAE would like to advice the members to keep working safely eventhough the pressure is high.
Do not compromise your own health and safety.
Please follow your won countries guidlines with regards to Health and Safety rules.
Each country has a website dedicated to the rules and regulations for working in these corona times. Often this is the website of the Ministry if Health & Welfare. Please check your own government website for this information.
Members are adviced to always work following the specific rules of the country you are working in.

A few general guidelines for public safety that can benefit all are:

If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home.
Stay 1.5 metres away from other people.
Wash your hands often.
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Avoid busy places and travel outside peak hours if possible.

Wash your hands often.
Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, then dry them thoroughly.
Wash your hands: before you go out, when you return home, after blowing your nose and of course before meals and after going to the toilet.
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Use paper tissues to blow your nose and discard them after use.
Then wash your hands.
Don’t shake hands with others.

The 1.5 metre rule
Stay 1.5 metres (2 arms lengths) away from other people.
This applies to everyone over the age of 18: in the street, in shops and other buildings and at work – even if you are a key worker. It does not apply to family members or other people that you live with. And it does not apply if you are providing assistance to someone, for example pushing a wheelchair.
Keeping a distance of 1.5 metres reduces the chance of people infecting each other.
Leave if you notice it is becoming difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

Avoid busy places
The virus can spread easily among people in groups. And carrying out source and contact tracing is more difficult when large numbers of people have gathered together in groups. If people gather in groups and this poses a safety or public health risk, enforcement officers can take action