The European Association of Embalmers (EAE) set out a series of principles by which to promote the acceptance of embalming by specialist operators throughout Europe: these form an introduction to the Rules & Regulations.
Those principles were set out as follows:

The objects for which the EAE is established are:

To support the status, character, and interests of persons professing or practising the art or science of embalming the dead.
To achieve a uniform standard of education and embalming qualification in European countries.
To promote the efficient tuition of persons seeking to practice the art or science of embalming.
To consider all question affecting the interests of persons engaged in embalming, sanitation and disposal of the bodies of the dead, and to initiate and watch over, and if thought desirable, to petition Parliament or promote deputations in relation to any public measures affecting the matters aforesaid, and to promote improvements in the principles and administration of the law relating to the treatment and disposal of the dead.
To establish and support, and to aid in the establishment and support of any other associations formed for all or any of the objects of the association.